11 New Traffic Rules & Penalties Every Indian Should Be Aware Of

11 New Traffic Rules & Penalties Every Indian Should Be Aware Of

After the new companies amendment bill, there is a change coming about in the traffic rules too. Rajya Sabha has cleared the bill for making changes to the traffic rules and there are a lot of proposed changes.


The new rules will help bring in a disciplined environment in the country, put a full stop to corruption, and ensure the safety of citizens on road.

Driving Under Influence / Drunk Driving

The previous rules state that if a person is found drunk driving, he will be charged with an Rs. 2000 fine, but the new rules have changed the fine to be Rs. 10,000.

Driving Without License

If found driving without a license, the driver will be liable to pay Rs. 10,000 as a fine, which was only Rs. 500 previously.


If a person is found driving at a speed that exceeds the speed limit, he will be imposed with a fine of Rs. 1000 for an LMV (Light Motor Vehicle), and Rs. 2000 for a medium passenger vehicle.

Driving Without Seatbelt

Driving without a seat belt on is an extremely dangerous risk, and if you are found driving without a seatbelt, you will be charged a fine of Rs. 1000, instead of the previous Rs. 100.

Traveling Without Ticket

If you are found traveling anywhere without a ticket, you will be required to pay a fine of Rs. 500, and this amount was a meager Rs. 200 previously.

Not Giving Way For Emergency Vehicles

It is common sense to give way for emergency vehicles, such as the ambulance or the fire brigade, but there are some people who might think it not as important. A new rule has been put in place for such people, and the fine that will be imposed on such drivers is Rs. 10,000.

Driving Without Helmet

Wearing a helmet is compulsory and is a good safety precaution in India, and those found not wearing one will be imposed with a fine of Rs. 1000, and their driving license will be disqualified for three months…..Read More>>


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