Chip Compulsory for every Driving License, RC and more details

Chip Compulsory for every Driving License, RC and more details

Effective October 1st, some major changes have been imposed for driving license holders, which align with the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019. One of the biggest changes in the rules for driving license is the number of driving licensesone can have.


In case any driver has more than one driving license, issued from different states, then traffic police can impose fines. As per a report, 25% of all drivers in India have multiple driving licenses.

Smart Chip For Every Driving License

From now on, every driving license will have a smart chip, which can be accessed via QR Code. Every information pertaining to the driver, such as name, address, blood group, history of past traffic violations etc will be stored in this chip, which can be quickly accessed by a bar code reader, used by the traffic cops.

Every new driving license will have these chips, and every renewed driving license too will have the same.

Infact, the new registration certificates too will have the same chips for storing information, and as per the new BSVI mandate, RC will also have information such as chassis number and emission norm (BS-IV/BS-VI).

These chips for driving license and RC will have information stored for 10 years.

New Driving Licence Rules: Same Design For Every State

The new driving licenses will have emblem of both state Govt. and national emblem, and every driving license will be uniform in shape, design and size…..Read more>>




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