Essential tricks you should try in WhatsApp

Essential tricks you should try in WhatsApp

WhatsApp lesser-known tricks that can make your App experience even better, thereby helping you get the most out of the messaging service. WhatsApp requires you to manually type and send a message, but there’s a way to avoid this.


You can command the voice assistant on your phone – be it Google Assistant or Siri – to send a message to any of your WhatsApp contacts.

Turn text into bold, italic, and more :-

You can also highlight your messages by typing them out with certain formatting.

For instance, you could turn a word or sentence into bold by starting and ending it with an asterisk (*).

Similarly, underscore (_) converts the text into italics, tilde (~) strikes through the word/sentence while three grave accents (`) turns the font to monospace.

Save mobile data and storage on WhatsApp :-

WhatsApp can eat your phone’s space and data by downloading photos, videos sent by your friends automatically.

This can be avoided by heading over to Settings > Data and storage usage > When using mobile data and shutting automatic download off by unchecking the options for videos and audio.

You could leave the option for photos/documents checked as they don’t consume that much data/space.

Keep unknown parties from adding you into groups :-

We all have seen cases of unknown parties adding WhatsApp users into random groups.

They use fixed number series to add anybody into a group and bombard them with spam messages.

To avoid this, head over to Settings……..Read More>>


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