How Apple continues to beat Google in this numbers game

How Apple continues to beat Google in this numbers game

NEW DELHI: When it comes to apps, Apple has always been a step or two ahead of its biggest rival – Google. Be it controlling the quality of apps or privacy on the App Store, the Cupertino-based tech giant seems to have Google’s number. And when it comes to numbers, then Apple clearly is way ahead of Google.


As per latest data from app research firm Sensor Tower, on the Apple App Store, the top 100 apps earned a revenue of $83 million in the first quarter of the year.

Apple had 65% more revenue than Google which earned $51 million from its top 100 apps on Play Store during the same time. Interestingly, Android enjoys a commanding market share overall in terms of smartphones over Apple. It is estimated that 85% of the smartphone market is dominated by Android devices. Yet, it’s the apps on App Store that end up making more money.

Detailing the numbers further, it’s the non-gaming apps that perform better on iOS than on Android. The average revenue from top 100 non-gaming apps for Apple was $23.3 million whereas on Google the revenue was $7 million.

Apple doesn’t enjoy that huge a revenue gap from gaming apps. On iOS, the average revenue of top 100 gaming apps was close to $70 million. Google Play Store had a revenue of $48 million from gaming apps.

Overall, Apple’s revenue share has certainly dropped by a small percent. In 2018, iOS users had spent 88% more money on apps than Android users had spent on Google Play Store.

A key point to note here is that while Apple users are generally more likely to spend on apps because Android phones come across various price ranges. A lot of Android users buy budget devices and perhaps aren’t keen on spending money on apps. Still, Apple continues to hold an edge over Google when it comes to apps.

Source:- gadgetsnow


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