How to get unlimited storage on Google Photos

How to get unlimited storage on Google Photos
Storage on smartphones has been a big issue for users especially with smartphone camera getting better day-by-day as they can capture high-resolution images and videos which enhances their size. Videos too have come a long way as most of the modern smartphones today are capable of capturing high-resolution videos such as 4K or full HD which consumes a lot of storage space on the smartphone. To resolve this issue, uploading all of them to cloud storage seems to be a good idea. However, most of the cloud storage service providers only provide a limited amount of storage for free as after that users have to pay to buy additional space. Considering all the limitations and restrictions, there’s one way around that might help users to back up all their images and videos.

Google Photos is perhaps the right answer to this as Google allows users to keep their images and videos stored over the cloud if the users willing to upload them in ‘High-resolution’ format which compresses the photos to the 16MP resolution which is even more than most of the flagship smartphones. But, the real question is how to get unlimited storage. Follow our step-by-step guide.


First things first:

Users don’t need to manually convert all their photos and videos in high resolution, the Google Photos app automatically uploads all the photos and converts them to the high-resolution. Also, the high-resolution photos do not affect the quality of the photos by much but this is quite obvious that they save up some storage.
Latest version (4.15 or above) of Google Photos app
Working internet connection with enough data
Steps to follow:

Tap on the ‘Backup mode’ and choose the option ‘High quality’


Open Google Photos app


Tap on the three horizontal bars from the top right corner


Head to ‘Settings’ option


Now, turn on the toggle in front of ‘Back & sync


Tap on the ‘Backup mode’ and choose the option ‘High quality’


Head to ‘Back up device folders’ and select all the folders you want to upload


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