How to play multiplayer games with friends on Windows 10 using Wi-Fi router

How to play multiplayer games with friends on Windows 10 using Wi-Fi router

LAN gaming used to be a craze among hostel students across colleges in India and for some, even after the spurt in online gaming in recent years and the advent of the battle royale genre with games like PUBG and Fortnite, it still is. And it was easily possible with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system when all that was required was for one player to create a wireless ad hoc network with a secret key (or sometimes, even without a key) that everyone else used to join and start gaming together. But the newer versions of Windows do not give an ad hoc creating option directly. Lots of tweaks need to be done which do not work everytime. In this article, we will tell you how to connect two Windows 10 laptops or more for gaming with friends. To be clear, this article is not about online gaming.


The steps that have been given below are for those good old gaming sessions when some friends have come over to your place or everyone is at some common place that has an internet connection, with a Wi-Fi router. All you need are fully working Windows 10 PCs with chargers, a Wi-Fi router and a constant power supply. These steps also work when some of you have Windows 10 and the others have Windows 7 OS installed. Here are the steps:

1.Everyone should connect their laptops to the Wi-Fi internet.

2.Then, the person who is to host the game (he/she must be the one with the Windows 10 laptop) should right click on the Wi-Fi option in the task bar and left click on ‘Open Network & Internet settings’.

3.Go to ‘Mobile Hotspot’.

4.Click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’.

5.Your active networks will be showing in the next window that opens. Left-click the one with the Wi-Fi internet.

6.Click on ‘Properties’.

7.Go to ‘Sharing’.

8.Place a tick on ‘Allow other users to connect with this computer’s Internet connection’.

9.Open the multiplayer game that you are going to play and host a new LAN game.

10.Everyone else should launch their games too and check for the hosted game in multiplayer to join on the same network.

11.Once the hosted game appears, join it.

12.Here’s to a great gaming session with buddies!

Source:- gadgetsnow


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