How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is arguably the most-used mode of communication as millions of people send billions of messages on it on a daily basis. While it may be popular, there are certain things about WhatsApp that can be quite annoying.


Case in point: WhatsApp Groups and the barrage of messages that can be unleashed because of them. Be it “good morning” messages, silly jokes or importantly fake news, all are part of WhatsApp Groups.

Now you can actually stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups. Wondering how? Follow our step-by-step guide and stop those countless WhatsApp notifications and save yourself from annoying messages:

To begin with, open WhatsApp on your smartphone

Now head to the Settings tab. Here you will see the Accounts tab

Click on Accounts tab and once you’re here, click on Privacy
Under Privacy, click on Groups.

Now you’ll see three options: “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody.”

Here depending on who you want to be added by, choose any option.

If you pick the “Nobody” option then group admins will have the ability to send you a private invite to a group.

If you don’t want to be added to that group through a private message also, then decline the invitation….Read More>>>

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