How to use WhatsApp Messenger Rooms

How to use WhatsApp Messenger Rooms

Facebook is rolling out Messenger Room support on WhatsApp as tipped earlier. This is a part of the social media platform’s plan to integrate Facebook and WhatsApp. The Rooms support for now is limited to WhatsApp Web only. We checked WhatsApp’s mobile app but the Rooms support isn’t available for the time being. The Rooms support may come to the app in the days to come, however, there are no official words on the same.

Facebook previously confirmed that it is testing Room support on WhatsApp as well as Instagram to deliver a seamless cross-app experience to users. We have previously discussed how to use Messenger Rooms via Facebook Messenger app, today let’s talk about how to create a Messenger Rooms via WhatsApp.

How to create Messenger Rooms via WhatsApp

You must first update the WhatsApp Web to the latest version Version 2.2031.4. There are two ways to create a Room, first but clicking on the three dots on the top left corner of the screen and then click on Create a Room.

On clicking the option the screen will show an introduction page for Facebook Messenger Rooms and click on “Continue with Messenger” option…….Read More>>


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