Know important facts and how to verify ITR through net banking

Know important facts and how to verify ITR through net banking

If you have still not done your Income tax returns (ITR) filing for the financial year 2019-20 (April-March), then do so now as last date is looming. ITR filing last date is December 31. After this, if you file your ITR, there could be a penalty slapped on you. However, there is another important thing you have to look out for and we explain how to do ITR verification.

Fortunately, ITR filing and ITR verification is very much possible online. You can do ITR verification through net banking.

ITR verification through net banking :-

You should know that ITR filing process is not complete until you finally verify it. Otherwise, ITR will not be counted as having been filed. So, while doing your ITR filing online, make sure you complete the entire process, including verification.

Last step of ITR verification Online 

The new taxpayers should especially keep this important detail in mind. The last step of ITR filing online is not the submission but the verification. Don’t know how to verify it? See here how you should do your ITR verification through net banking.

ITR Verification Online Process 

While there are many ways to complete your ITR verification after you have filed your returns, doing it through net banking is a great option provided by Income Tax department. Know here, how to do it. See how to verify your ITR filing through net banking……..Read More>>


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