Now upgrade to mAadhaar to avail these services

Now upgrade to mAadhaar to avail these services

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), through its mAadhaar app, provides a host of services. This unified app, which is available in 13 languages, offers over 35 Aadhaar online services in a single app. “Get more than 35 Aadhaar services like download eAadhaar, update status, locate Aadhaar Kendra etc. on your smartphone,” UIDAI said in a tweet.

Aadhaar-issuing authority further added in another tweet, “For the best experience of the #mAadhaar App, uninstall any previously installed versions. Download the latest version.”

What is mAadhaar?

mAadhaar is more than Aadhaar card in a wallet. Using the mAadhaar app, the resident can avail the following benefits:

1) Get Aadhaar by downloading or ordering a reprint of Aadhaar or by retrieving lost or forgotten Aadhaar

2) View/Show Aadhaar in offline mode, particularly when residents are required to show their ID proof

3) Update address in Aadhaar via document or without document proof

4) Keep/Manage Aadhaar of family members(up to 5 members) in one mobile

5) Share Paperless eKYC or QR code to service providing agencies

6) Secure Aadhaar by Locking Aadhaar or Biometrics

7) Generate or Retrieve VID which user can use in the place of Aadhaar to avail Aadhaar services (for those who have locked their Aadhaar or do not wish to share their Aadhaar).

8) Use Aadhaar SMS services in offline mode……..Read More>>


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