Now you can make the Facebook less irritating

Now you can make the Facebook less irritating

Facebook confirmed the roll-out of a new Shortcut Bar setting to give control over what appears on the top of the Facebook app. The capability, the company said, will let you remove individual tabs from the Shortcut Bar or silence their notifications,which will eventually get rid of the notification dots once and for all.


How to use silence notification dots :-

In order to use the capability, simply press and hold any of the buttons appearing on the Shortcut bar.

As you do this, a pop-up will appear from the bottom, asking you to turn off notification dots for the selected tab or remove it from the bar altogether.

To note, a third option will also appear, providing detailed access to Shortcut bar setting.

Get rid of annoying notifications :-

With this option, you can finally stop Facebook from bugging you about an irrelevant product listed on the marketplace or a post in a group that you don’t even follow.

“We are rolling out navigation bar controls to make it easier for people to connect with the things they like and control the notifications they get,” Facebook told Engadget while speaking about the feature………Read More>>


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