PUBG Lite available in India: System requirements and how you can download it

PUBG Lite available in India: System requirements and how you can download it

Popular battle royale game, PlayerUnkown’s battlegrounds (PUBG) has been a big hit among players on Android. Over the last year or so, the game has amassed a strong fan following. However, it is a little known fact that PUBG first made a mark on the gaming scene with PCs and later made way to consoles and mobiles


Yet, the game hasn’t been able to scale the highs of the mobile platforms on PCs. The reason for this are many, but the biggest being the entry cost barrier that has existed on the platform.But, not anymore.

PUBG Lite, the game’s free to play version for entry-level PCs has finally gone live in India with the beta servers of the game now up for over 200,000 players who had pre-registered for the game.

The game can now be downloaded by the players who had already signed up for beta testing. The players after downloading can straight off start fighting for chicken dinners. These players have also started receiving a new update that brings some changes to the flare gun behaviour and adds new vehicles along with bringing in a number of other changes.

However, if you’re not one of these players who have started to play the game already, here’s everything you need to know to start playing the game. Also read: PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: How to choose the right grip for your weapon and shoot faster

PC Requirements

PUBG Lite is the company’s attempt to make the game more accessible to PC gamers. Tencent Games’ light version of PUBG PC brings with it optimisations for low-end hardware. This makes the game easy on resources.

As for the minimum requirements for playing PUBG Lite, the lighter version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be played on any PC or laptop which offers minimum specifications such as Windows 7, 8 or 10 OS, 4GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, an Intel Core i3 processor and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Also read: Top free mobile games that you can try on your phone: From PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile

This means that users won’t need a gaming PC or a high-end laptop to play PUBG and it should be noted that while PUBG Lite has been developed to be supported on low-end hardware, it offers almost the same experience as that of the conventional PUBG PC interface and gameplay.

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How to download

PUBG Lite can be downloaded by users by heading to the official PUBG Lite website and downloading the game via the download button. But before you can start downloading the game, PUBG first downloads an installer which is 64.1 MB in size and downloads the over 2GB in size full game on the user’s PC before the eventual install of the file.

The game also needs some additional components, including updated Nvidia or Radeon drivers, which you can download from the board manufacturers website.

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