WhatsApp may ban you permanently if…

WhatsApp may ban you permanently if…

If you are a part of a group that has an illegal and suspicious name, WhatsApp may ban you from using the messaging app, permanently. According to noted tipsterWABetaInfo, they have received several reports from users that have been banned from using the app “because they were in a group that had, as a group subject, a malicious name.”


Several users have reported about this development :-

As per WABetaInfo, the first instance was reported by a Reddit user Mowe11 wherein he claimed that all the members of a group, including himself, were banned after someone changed “the university’s name group to ‘Childs Pornography’ group (sic).”

A few other users have also reported about a similar ban after the group name was changed to something malicious and illegal.

Users banned for violating WhatsApp’s Terms Of Services :-

Banned users, who contacted WhatsApp for support, have received an automated response saying they were banned for violating WhatsApp’s Terms Of Services. WABetaInfo has also noted that suspended users would be forced to change their phone numbers, and they would lose their chat history.

How WhatsApp bans malicious groups? :-

We know that WhatsApp chats and calls are encrypted end-to-end. Hence, the company can’t read the contents of any chat to carry on such vigilance.

However, the messaging app uses metadata like group date creation, subject, and description to keep a tab on users with malicious intent. And in case the app finds anything illegal, it automatically suspends groups from the server side.

Here’s how you can secure your group :-

If you are in a group with a lot of participants, you must be mindful of the fact that WhatsApp can block the entire group if it suspects any malicious or illegal activity…..Read more>>




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